The Hotel

A stay with a view

Welcome to Μossa Well Being Hotel. The Latin word “Mossa” literally stands for “motion”. Motion states the change of the body, the mind, the soul. Dance is also motion!

The brand new Μossa Well Being Hotel, built in a wonderful natural environment at Agii Apostoli area, next to the sea and just five kilometers away from the mesmerizing and mysterious city of Chania, is waiting to lead you to unique well being experiences. Experiences so relaxing that will connect your inner self with the external natural environment.

The Μossa Well Being Hotel, a place where we love dance, sports, excursions but also relaxation, harmony (calmness), entertainment, good food and Cretan summer, which lasts almost all year round.

The Μossa Well Being Hotel, the ideal destination for those who want to understand the philosophy and the values of the Cretan way of life and hospitality and who want to get into contact with the wild beauty of Crete.

At the Μossa Well Being Hotel the sense of harmony and relaxation, of both simplicity and luxury , become the core elements of a journey that constantly grants unique memories and moments and always have the desire to go back and re-live this experience once again.

Mossa Well Being Hotel
Mossa Well Being Hotel

Dancing & Events

Our Concept

At Mossa Well Being Hotel we offer a wide range of organised activities, on a daily basis, for those who want to keep fit during their vacation and for those who translate ‘vacation’ into ‘fresh new experiences’. Dancing, fun, work-outs, relaxation and holiday can all mix to create amazing, unique experiences. Naturally, all these activities come with the respective healthy meals and beverages, designed to enhance the immune system and regulate weight.

Explore Crete

Agii Apostoli, Chania

The greater area of Agii Apostoli is a renowned coastal resort and comprises three peninsulas that create four consecutive bays with crystal clear waters and sandy beaches.
Beaches that are awarded the Blue Flag and are fully organised and safe, monitored by lifeguards, and feature canteens, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or drink, replete with sunbeds, changing rooms and showers.