Be your soul

Vacation is not just the rest of body and mind, the sleep, the sea, the sun and meeting new people, places, culture and customs.
Vacation is the relaxation of the soul, as well. For all the internal and external behaviors that daily exhaust us without even understanding it.

At the Mossa well-being Hotel we consider that Art is the best rest for our soul.
That is why we organise many different activities and events, constantly or upon request, that connect us with our emotions, make us feel fulfilled and find our inner peace, like the ones that only Art and Crete can offer.

Astronomy Nights, A window at God’s Universe

Crete is one of the kind when it comes to its dark skies! Away from city’s bright lights the Universe is there to discover it and we are here to help you reveal its secrets. In cooperation with Crete Astronomy Tours, we organise Sky Gazing nights, we learn to recognise the constellations and the myths […]

Homemade Grandma’s Tastes

We are organising group visits at traditional restaurants (taverns) where you can learn from the first hand the secrets of the authentic Cretan cuisine, use pure ingredients of high quality, local aromatic herbs and spices and discover delicious combinations that make the Mediterranean diet so beneficial. Contact Well- Being Concierge for more information, rates and […]

The Cretan Wedding

Crete is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring destinations for your wedding day. Skilled dance tutors from Mossa well-being Hotel may plan the most dazzling wedding choreography only for you. These lessons are Mossa’s wedding gift to the newly-weds and are free of charge. A romantic waltz, a passionate tango or a sexy rumba, even […]