Be the nature

At the Mossa well-being Hotel the contact and the connection with nature is completing. The interior space is blending with the earth tones, the sunlight and the sea breeze, are creating the absolute experience to become one with the Nature.

The services we have designed will give you the chance to comprehend not only with your mind, but with all your senses that we are all an integral part of Nature.

Contact Well- Being Concierge for more information.

Combine your vacation with exploration

Around Chania there are countless options for activities and you will definitely find the one that suits you the best. Also, there is the option to have a private tour around Chania city.

Jeep Safari

If you wish to discover the traditional Cretan villages of Chania Prefecture, with the stone houses that stand proud throughout centuries or the rough roads of the area, riding a Jeep Safari is the ideal choice. Every route is a unique experience with the necessary guidance of professional off- road drivers. Contact Well- Being Concierge […]

Well-being bike tour

Ask at the reception for bikes as well as for all the necessary professional equipment, wear a comfortable outfit, grab a bottle of water and pedal with your company to discover nature beauties. You may also ride carefully all the way to Chania city (4,7 km) and visit monuments and picturesque old town’s alleys. Contact […]

Winery Tours

Our team is organising tours at local wineries where you may learn all about the wine making process, have lunch, taste different wine varieties and buy high quality wines.

Visit a wine press

During autumn, the Mossa well-being Hotel΄s team is organising group visits at traditional wine- presses, areas suitable for treading grapes by foot, a tradition that has lasted for thousands of years and is still used in some regions today, for wine and tsikoudia making. Mantinades* and Cretan food are completing the ritual for wine and […]

Olive Harvest

The olive harvest season begins in late October and may continue until January. Olive tree is a symbol of Greek agriculture, mythology and history from which the famous olive oil is produced. The Cretan olive oil is renowned by the world health community for its important role in health and wellness. Our team may organise […]

Well-being Hiking

Ask at Well-being Concierge for the special designed maps, including trails near our hotel, and enjoy your daily hiking in nature. Start your day by discovering the trails set very close to the hotel and make the best finish with a dip in the calming sea. Crete offers a vast network of trails and paths […]

Boat Tours

If you are fond of sea and boat tours you may visit famous but also hidden beaches all around Crete. Our experienced team is ready to organise group or private activities. You may swim in crystal blue waters, to discover secluded beaches, find out secrets in sea caves.


For sea lovers and those who want to explore the beauties of its bottom. Snorkelling is a great way to combine exercise and holidays at the same time. It’s the simplest form of diving suitable even for young children and it doesn’t require much experience to train on it. If you are feeling like snorkeling […]

Scuba diving

Scuba diving is a mode of underwater diving where the diver uses a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (scuba). The difference from free diving is the breathing. Free divers hold their breath throughout the entire dive while scuba divers breathe normally through their apparatus. We cooperate with a certified diving center so your first contact with […]

Water Sports

The beach of Chrysi Akti, just 300 meters away from our hotel, is the meeting point for water sports fans. A well organised water sports center with exciting water activities like canoe, sea-cycling, SUP and wind surfing (weather permitting). Sea exercises have better results for the body and are more efficient because the main factor […]