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An idea is enough to…

One of the most famous Greeks and world renowned writer, Nikos Kazantzakis, said: “There are no ideas – there are only people that carry ideas around – and ideas get their stature from the people that carry them.”

And he’s right, for that’s quite how Mossa started out… An idea! Two of its owners, being dance tutors themselves, with years of teaching experience and an unending passion and love for dancing, had the idea to create a place of tourist interest, in a wonderful and multifaceted natural setting themed around, what else but… Dance!

When wellness, dancing and absolute relaxation meet at Mossa Well Being Hotel.

Mossa means motion in Latin. Ancient Greeks too, used the greek word Moussa to define the concept of music and ancient gods.

Dance uses the human body as its instrument, which takes part in a ritual that heals soul and spirit.

This ritual is led by Christos, owner of Mossa Well Being Hotel and “Ekfrasis dance studio”, a dance school in Chania. The foundation on which the Mossa Well Being Hotel was built is his very own lifestyle, credo and love for Dancing.



Newly built and cosmopolitan Mossa Well Being Hotel, is of beautiful architecture and lies at the ideal location of Agii Apostoli. Open all year long, it’s the place where modern travellers can experience vacation in all its guises just a stone’s throw from the sea, boasting four dazzling sandy beaches in Agii Apostoli, the surrounding nature with a pine tree park, a modified trail for jogging and hiking and outdoor fitness equipment.

Mossa Well Being Hotel features nineteen ample rooms, decorated with the latest trends, that accommodate up to four persons and promises a special and unique stay. All rooms share views to the beautiful swimming pool and the majestic Agii Apostoli grove, permeating a sense of relaxation, serenity and harmony.

The hotel’s facilities feature a large and fully furnished dance hall, offering private and group dance, entertainment and shape-up classes. There is also an up-to-date fitness centre, where you can work out, as well as a well-being hall with hammam and sauna for physical and spiritual detox.

There is a large outdoor swimming pool with a pool bar, where you can swim, relax on a sunbed and enjoy healthy snacks and refreshing cocktails. Just 5 km from the historic city of Chania, Mossa Well Being Hotel is close to, and at the same time, far away from the city centre, something that makes it the ideal starting point for exploring the unique architectural and natural beauty of Chania and the whole prefecture while you’re at it. Trust the Mossa Well Being Hotel staff with luring you into an endless swirl of dancing, music, fun and, of course, well-being!

Come join us on a magical dancing journey.