One idea is enough...

One idea is enough but behind each idea a whole story is unfolding.

This is quite how the idea, of creating something so unique like Mossa Well Being Hotel, started out, through the life story of Christos and Nitsa, partners at the dance floor as well as in life.

Christos and Nitsa, both being dance tutors themselves, founded “Ekfrasis dance studio”, in Chania.

Many years of teaching experience, their way of life and their endless passion and love for what they do, led them to the next step: to create a themed hotel, in a wonderful natural environment where Well Being would be the main theme and where body, emotion and body are in balance and meet the Cretan landscape and Cretan way of life.

Mossa literally means motion in Latin. Motion states the change of the body, the mind, the soul. Dance is definitely the most ancient ritual where human body plays the most important role while it heals the soul and the spirit.

For the founders of the Mossa Well Being Hotel the actual meaning of of wellness is not something tangible. It’s more like an attitude to feel the things around you instead of just seeing them.

To feel the way your body works and how it connects with nature.

To appreciate each moment and not always be worried about before and after.
To connect with your inner self and with others.

The Mossa well – being Hotel, through the services that offers, is encouraging you to:

  • Be your body.
  • Be your soul.
  • Be your mind.
  • Be one with nature.

Intimacy, simplicity, safety, pampering, relaxation, enjoy the cretan diet, sports and excursions at the outstanding beautiful cretan landscape, meet authentic people, the feeling that you belong to a large family and , of course, dance everywhere!

And always have the desire to go back and re-live this experience.

“There are no ideas, there are only people that carry these ideas around, and these get their stature from the people that carry them.”
(Nikos Kazantzakis, 1970)

The Mossa Well Being Hotel awaits you to share this primary idea that became reality and meet the people who create experiences and values on a daily basis only for you.


The newly built Mossa Well Being Hotel, is of high esthetics quality and modern architecture and lies at the ideal location of Agii Apostoli area, in Chania.

Just a stone’s throw from a beautiful park and from four cosmopolitan sandy beaches, it is open all year round and offers an unforgettable experience of the Cretan hospitality and family warmth.

Mossa Well Being Hotel features nineteen spacious, modern designed rooms that accommodate up to four persons and will be your home away from home, offering a special and unique experience. Each room shares views to our lovely swimming pool and to the beautiful Agii Apostoli grove, providing the necessary sense of relaxation and serenity to connect with your mind, your soul and your body.

At the hotel’s facilities you will find a large and fully equipped dance hall for personal and group dance courses. There is also a modern fitness centre and a well- being hall with massage, hammam and sauna rooms for physical and spiritual detox.

At the outdoor area you can swim at the large swimming pool (15 meters), sunbath at the pool deck and enjoy healthy snacks and refreshing cocktails at the pool bar.
Just 5 km away from the historic city of Chania, the Mossa Well Being Hotel is close to, and at the same time, far away from the city centre, that makes it the ideal base for exploring the unique architectural and natural beauty of Chania city and of the whole prefecture.