The Cretan Wedding

Crete is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring destinations for your wedding day.

Skilled dance tutors from Mossa well-being Hotel may plan the most dazzling wedding choreography only for you. These lessons are Mossa’s wedding gift to the newly-weds and are free of charge.

A romantic waltz, a passionate tango or a sexy rumba, even a Greek song, all capable of awakening your senses and express everything words are not enough to.

Additionally, Mossa tutors may, with just a few lessons, teach all your guests (free of charge) Greek and modern dances so your wedding night continues as it started.

Each year, at the picturesque chapel of Agii Apostoli, just 200 meters away from the Mossa well-being Hotel, people from all over the world exchange vows of love having a romantic sea background. Our team undertakes to help you plan one of the most important moment in your life.
Except of your stay in the idyllic suite of our hotel, we may organise:

  • The wedding ceremony
  • Music coverage of the wedding dinner from a live band or a Dj.
  • Special decoration around the pool
  • Photography/ Video
  • Welcome your guests under the sounds of Cretan lyra, personalised “mantinades” specially written for the newlyweds and perfect cretan treats
Mossa Well Being Hotel