A few lines on dancing!

Ancient Greeks always held dancing to be deeply connected with their everyday life, since they believed it was the “gift of Gods to man”.

Cretan history is also rich when it comes to dancing.

Through the aeons, Crete has produced dances and songs that express its people rich soul from all walks of life: joy, sadness, love and romance, companions of everyday life to this day and an integral part of tradition.

Who cannot but remember “Syrtaki” in the 1964 “Zorba the Greek” film, based on Nikos Kazantzakis’ book of the same name, scenes of which were filmed on Crete.

For many, dancing is a means of expression, indifferent to what one’s dancing… What’s of essence is to fully and utterly relish it!


At Mossa Well Being Hotel, fun is inventive with a multitude of private and group programmes to try and endeavour new challenges as well as new forms of exercise and wellness.

We aim at providing the best services to each and every one of our guests, making their stay more than unique by integrating dancing and motion in their everyday life.

Our hotel’s skilled staff has prepared for you a series of exciting programmes, from early in the morning till late in the evening, with fun nights of traditional music or wild parties by the pool or on the sand.

Then, of course, mossa stands for motion and here, at the Mossa Well Being Hotel, your visit takes on a different meaning, granting you original experiences in an idyllic setting!

Mossa Well Being Hotel Mossa Well Being Hotel